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Airtime Pricing:
With MobileVTU, you get as mush as 5% discount / commission on your Airtime recharge accross MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile. Your commission level is set automatically on your account depending on the amount funded on your wallet in the current month.

Mobile Operator Standard Usage 1 million and higher 2 million and higher 5 million and higher
MTN Nigeria 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0%
9moble Nigeria (EMTS) 2.5% 3.0% 3.5% 4.0%
Glo Nigeria 3.5% 4.0% 4.5% 5.0%
Airtel Nigeria 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0%

Data Boundle Pricing:
With MobileVTU, you buy mobile data on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile for as low as N15 only. Here is a full list of our data plans and pricing accross all networks in Nigeria.

OperatorData PlanValidityPrice (NGN)
9mobile50MB30 Days15 NGN
9mobile100 MB30 Days25 NGN
9mobile500 MB30 Days110 NGN
9mobile1 GB (SME)30 Days200 NGN
9mobile500MB3 Days500 NGN
9mobile5 GB (SME)30 Days900 NGN
9mobile1.5GB30 Days1,050 NGN
9mobile2GB30 Days1,250 NGN
9mobile7GB7 Days1,600 NGN
9mobile10 GB30 Days1,800 NGN
9mobile4.5GB30 Days2,050 NGN
9mobile11GB30 Days4,500 NGN
9mobile15GB30 Days5,200 NGN
9mobile40GB30 Days10,500 NGN
9mobile75GB30 Days16,000 NGN
Airtel300MB7 Days120 NGN
Airtel500MB30 Days200 NGN
Airtel1GB30 Days500 NGN
Airtel750MB14 Days600 NGN
Airtel2GB30 Days700 NGN
Airtel1.5GB30 Days1,000 NGN
Airtel5GB30 Days1,500 NGN
Airtel3GB30 Days1,600 NGN
Airtel6GB30 Days2,520 NGN
Airtel10GB30 Days3,000 NGN
Airtel8GB30 Days3,200 NGN
Airtel15GB30 Days4,000 NGN
Airtel20GB30 Days5,000 NGN
Airtel40GB30 Days10,100 NGN
Airtel75GB30 Days16,000 NGN
Airtel110GB30 Days20,500 NGN
Glo500 MB30 Days200 NGN
Glo1GB/1.6GB15 Days500 NGN
Glo3.7GB30 Days1,050 NGN
Glo5 GB30 Days1,500 NGN
Glo6GB/9.5GB30 Days2,200 NGN
Glo8GB/12.75GB30 Days2,750 NGN
Glo10GB/17.5GB30 Days3,500 NGN
Glo19GB30 Days4,000 NGN
Glo13.5/19GB30 Days4,350 NGN
Glo23GB30 Days5,000 NGN
Glo18.5/23GB30 Days5,200 NGN
Glo37GB30 Days7,800 NGN
Glo50GB30 Days10,000 NGN
Glo50GB30 Days10,000 NGN
Glo93GB30 Days14,400 NGN
Glo120GB30 Days17,900 NGN
Glo140GB30 Days19,900 NGN
MTN150MB30 Days50 NGN
MTN250MB30 Days110 NGN
MTN500MB30 Days200 NGN
MTN1GB (SME)30 Days320 NGN
MTN2GB (SME)30 Days650 NGN
MTN3GB (SME)30 Days1,200 NGN
MTN5GB (SME)30 Days1,500 NGN
MTNGB+2GB YouTube Night+200MB YouTub7 Days1,650 NGN
MTNGB+2GB YouTube Night+200MB YouTub7 Days1,650 NGN
MTN4GB+2GB YouTube Night + 10mins30 Days2,050 NGN
MTN10GB (SME)30 Days3,000 NGN
MTN13GB Monthly Plan + 25mins30 Days4,000 NGN
MTN2GB Monthly Plan + 25mins30 Days5,450 NGN
MTN27GB Monthly Plan + 25mins30 Days6,500 NGN
MTN25GB30 Days7,000 NGN
MTN50GB30 Days14,000 NGN
MTN75GB Monthly Plan + 40mins30 Days15,100 NGN
MTN120GB Monthly Plan + 80mins30 Days21,560 NGN
MTN100GB30 Days27,000 NGN Web Portal

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